Based on Yugoslavia 1965

Only you could see me
Through the veil of what makes all else run
Kept out of public view
I’d not been touched by sun
Until your light was cast
On the wrecked form you saw past

You should fear me, not show mercy
For a wretch cursed to wear such a mask
Though I went deaf as a youth
In the cathedral eaves
I ring the bells all for you
Belle of the outcasts

On one so ugly you took pity
Such a sweetness new in
A life spent all alone

[Gargoyle orchestral interlude]

But now you sleep ever soundly
One man’s envy alas saw you hanged
Your warmth that drew jealousy
Is now a memory
But we are two in your tomb
My Esmeralda

I can’t let you be left here lonely
So I’ll stay for ever underneath the headstones
So you shan’t learn the pain
That I’ve known