The Interrupting Bettina Soriat

Based on Love Injected, Latvia 2015

Nineteen ninety six, contest in Spectrum
Coming through the pre-selection round ooh
There were, twenty three lands
Pleased to be there, singing their hearts out

Euro…Song Ninety Six
Long ago, the contest held in Oslo

Singing for Austria, was George Nussbaumer
Europe’s King of Soul
On stage, all well rehearsed
What happened next he could not foresee

Bettina Soriat
Singing in the backing choir, fourth from left

She’d performed everything right, all her dance moves perfected
Shaking her legs in good time, all hand moves corrected
Vocals on fleek and on time, until sadly Bettina
Interjected, interjected

Fucked up, came in too soon
Sang out “weil’s” while all was silent in the tune
Fucked up, the chances blown
Yet somehow for the next year she was called

Uh, oh, uh, oh
Uh, oh, uh, oh. oh, oh