Based on Wars for Nothing, Hungary 2015

Do you keep our kind as your pets?
We’re adorbz and fluffy faithful friends
Every bunny has paws for hands
Fur is soft, nose is moist, and we feed on grass

But the fact is, we’re
Rather mean
In our cage we would plot to obtain
Domination, bloodshed and scars
You’ll be shocked when we embark
When we strike

It’s a leporine genocide
That can never be denied
Break out while you sleep, undeterred
But you don’t know, we did start
Since day one:

Right in front of your kids, having sex
Corrupting their moral stands
Then right there eat our own shit
So they roam out your home
To misbehave

Next time we’ll deliver Easter Eggs
Full of salty licorice and sand
If you all survive nonetheless:
Brutal-force, menacing
Bites at your necks

All in all, you’re the one
Out of mind
‘Cause you thought
That we can act
“as wives”