Kill Siegel

Based on San Marino 2015

Can’t keep going on forever
Just A Little Peace was all we ever asked of him
He thinks he has a gift that keeps on giving
It’s more like a curse that never ends
Why’s this monster even living?
When can we call in Dignitas?

Must the brain-cell-derranging tunes he’s rearranging
last until the End of Days?
Let us act to make the world a better place!

So Ralph must be strangled
Let us terminate his life
Yes, Ralph must be strangled
To redeem us from this plight
Or he’ll drain the life from you and he’ll drain the life from me
With unending mass-produced banality

It’s time to end his life
For our children’s sake he can’t survive
Maybe we’ll find out that many people felt the same
“Oooh yeah!”

Once it looked like things were getting better then he made a pact with Senora Monetta!
Let’s just kill this stupid fart; give the world a brand new start

So, Ralph must be strangled
Let’s go lure him in the night, grip his throat with both our hands and let pressure be applied
‘til his face starts turning blue and it’s plain for all to see he’s achieving final-stage mortality

Children, Ralphie’s been strangled
Come let’s set the corpse alight!
And we each must remember
Where we were the day he died

There’ll be no more songs for Lou (None for Malta too)
There’ll be no Corinna May (Six-4-none today)
‘Cos our great new world is freed from all that’s trite

* * * * * * * * * *

Wait, what’s that, San Marino?
(‘Yes, this is San Marino’)
You have purchased all the rights?
(‘Yes we’ve purchased all the rights’)
To more old compositions…
(‘Yes we did’)
…Siegel penned before he died?

And they’ve still got John O’Flynn
(‘Shit, forgot him too!’)
And they’ve got Ralph’s drum machine
(‘Damn that drum machine!’)
To unleash upon the world – Let’s end this fight!

No there’s one thing left to do
(‘Tell me what to do!’)
To protect humanity
(‘Save our sanity!’)

Gotta atom-bomb this stupid microstate!