Great Emu War

Based on Israel 2016 (NF version)

The year was 1932
Campion District, close to Perth
a multitude of war veterans were given land

Civilian living proved a pain
attempts to settle were in vain
the Great Depression heightened problems

Heading for the coast
came 20,000
wild birds

Emu hoardes
decimating all the wheat crops
More and more
worried farmers tried to call on

Sir George Pearce
Minister of Aussie Defence
to send arms

Soldiers with machine guns
came from the military.
Their first attempt to kill the emus…

was delayed by rain,
but in November
began the war

At the start
soldiers tried to ambush wild fowl
But alas!
quick dispersion thwarted the cull

Troops withdrew
blaming these ‘guerrilla tactics’
for their loss

Undeterred, soon came the second drive
In 2 days they took just 40 lives

Unarmed birds
Groups of emus, strong ‘like Zulus’
won the war;
Troops surrendered after three days
Even worse:
Parliament suggested medals
for the birds!