Confessions of a lazy housewife

Based on Waterman, Netherlands 1970

Ironing, how I hate ironing
It is so tedious, takes hours…
Why can’t we all, go out in wrinkled clothes
Or better yet, let’s all get bare naked!

Ironing, my God I hate ironing
The dryer’s done, I start to scold
Ironing, I might skip on ironing
I think I will simply fold

Dishwashing, and then there’s dishwashing
The wrinkles on my hands… *shiver*
My husband is too cheap for a machine
And so I’m stuck cleaning the porcelain

Dishwashing, by Shiva, that dishwashing
One of the things I truly hate
Dishwashing, I might skip on dishwashing
I’m opting for cardboard plates

Vacuuming, another annoying thing
And Swiffer is my nemesis
Vacuuming, I might skip on vacuuming
No allergies, we’ll survive

But now you’re saying, there’s a way
To get it done, all in one day?
And I don’t have to do a thing
But guard my jewels?
Gosh that really sounds like heaven
Oh come on then, I will try them
Polish girls!