Based on Kedvesem, Hungary 2013

Always handwashing: Can’t control doing it.
Four hard strokes once a second.
Ten fingers in the bubble mix.
A wetnap at the end
of my handwashing.
I’m always handwashing.

Always handwashing in people’s kitchen sinks,
Until I get the germs off.
You act like I’m a mad man.
Stay too late and bug my hosts with handwashing.
Obsessive handwashing.

Twelve-second splish-splash-splosh
For each handwashing, every handwashing.
Now, in the car,
In a traffic jam, I can’t wash my hands.
So I bring alcohol
for my handwashing, for my handwashing.
The only flaw
is the smell makes me, feel a tad dizzy
so I crash.

Always handwashing in awkward locations,
While waiting on the tarmac,
Before, while, and after peeing
Sitting through a Catholic mass I’m handwashing
High holy handwashing.

Always handwashing inside the tunnel,
Train is passing while I’m cleansing
In toilet stalls, when it’s pitch black,
splat, splat, what’s that
I need towels for footwashing.
And then some handwashing

Twelve-second splish-splash-splosh
For each handwashing, every handwashing.
I can’t go far
always on the brink, in need of a sink
My shrink won’t help at all
With my handwashing, constant handwashing
He says that I
Always bother him, when I wash my limbs
With his tea.

Splish-splash-splosh, always handwashing
Psycho handwashing
So, at a bar
Trying to forget, but my hands are wet
So I begin to bawl
About handwashing, my dear handwashing.
I’ve wept so much
That I’ll make amends, I will wash my hands
With my tears