Based on Face The Shadow, Armenia 2015

Options lie on the table, where should we go?
I like the bungalow in Monaco
We could walk around town and go see the Formula 1
Face that my choice is the best one

Darling, I have been there too many times
You take those racing cars over your wife

Please, we have to stay calm – the bitching won’t help us decide
Remember we share the same rights

San Marino? Well that’s a clear “…no”
Still there’s thirty on our list

Our holiday
Summer holiday
Guys, this goes too slow
Where to go?

Cross the ocean by plane, land in LA
I am not a fan of the USA
What about the Ukraine, the price has been going down
We need to make up our mind

Ditched locations, dropped some of our faves (ditched locations, our faves)
Still there’s fifteen on our list

So, Rotterdam?
Visit the Big Ben?
Sushi in Japan? (Tim has had enough, mom!)
What’s the plan?!

[Sudden mental breakdown: all family members run around the room, mom throws some plates out of the window, dad runs upstairs and comes back with a huge map of the world. The map fully covers the ground and they re-unite hand-in-hand. Shortly after, everyone stands on their preferred holiday destination]

I COULD CRY (weeeeeeh!)