Katy Bødtger’s Such a Whore

Based on Norway 1971


Katy Bødtger’s such a whore
Flashing ankle and much more
For a coin she’s yours to spelunk in
Swing on her pumpkins
Stickin’ it in’s her thrill

Katy Bødtger’s such a slut
Parasol’s been up her butt
Nothin’ that her sphincter won’t let in
It’s used to stretchin’
Watch her fit in three dills

She’s a harlot indeed
That’s fresh seed
Splodged all across her sticky petticoat
She once got the clap
From a cat
That Katy Bødtger really is a whore

Katy Bødtger works the pole
Crumpled notes stuffed in each hole
Wearing just her raunchiest bonnet
She’ll ride your rocket
Dancin’ for tips on laps

[Coy parasol twirl]

Katy Bødtger’s full of cum
Often needs a stomach pump
Pee on her, she’ll find it refreshin’
Know her profession?
Sexin’ all day for pay

Katy Bødtger’s vag is loose
Consequence of overuse
It’s got room to park a giraffe in
Still, she’s a bargain
That’s why her coo has queues

Round the world’s streets she’s walked
And been porked
From Rønne to the Rue de Saint Denis
Won a ping pong match
With her snatch
Halfway between Bangkok and Mandalay

Katy Bødtger’s shared her bum
With whole rugby scrums – at once
Katy’s even open to scattin’
Loves being shat in
Lickin’ a dump for fun

Katy Bødtger strolls the Strip
Giving head for poker chips
Never turns away any fella
Swallows with pleasure
Lickin’ a dick’s her skill

She’ll do anything you please
Orifices all for lease
Everyone is welcome to røger
Whore Katy Bødtger
One coin to fill her minge