Eurovision Go

Based on Sweden 1999

Have you heard about this brand new app?
Where reality is merged with glitz and drama
It connects your phone and GPS
Overlays the world with fierce and fearsome creatures

Hurry up and click install
Then go out and catch ‘em all!

Come and search for Måns in
Eurovision Go
Capture Linda Martin
By the playground’s north west corner
Level up your Trijntje
At the old abandoned farm
And inside the closet you’ll find Deen and Dawn

There’s a Stella Mwangi in your car
And a Lou was spotted on the Starbucks counter
Scattered quite at random, near and far
Hike up Arthur’s Seat to find Anita Skorgan

When you hunt for Beths, don’t fall
Mind your step, and catch ‘em all!

No one’s too old to play
Eurovision Go
Capture a wild Sergey
In the closed-down gay club toilets
At the supermarket:
Maxi Garden in aisle 5
You’ll neglect your job for Justine Pelmelay

The rarest ones can be so tricky to locate
When you think you’ve found Kejsi Tola
It’s Arlette Zola :-/

One more damn Carola?!

Still searching for Cezar
Every day and night
Your friends never see you
So they stage an intervention
And you’ll say you’ll give up
Once your Ivi has evolved
But the next day someone spotted Saaristo


So grab your phones and let’s play Eurovision Go!