Jurassic Park (We have Spoilers)

Based on My Słowianie, Poland 2014

Real dinosaurs!

Mesozoic Era bugs found inside some amber
Enabled reproduction of some prehistoric creatures
Isla Nublar became the land
That millionaire John Hammond found;
Scientists took D.N.A. using it for cloning
Splicing frog biology with flawed genetic coding
Meaning InGen succeeded in
Bringing to life dinosaurs again

When the death of an InGen employee
Made Hammond see fit to send some scouts
To reassure the investors of safety
He put together a troupe of experts
Qualified in ev’rything Jurassic
This small group would undoubtedly help;
When arriving upon the small island
They were witness to improbable scenes…

Parasaurolophuses herding in the distance
With longer-necked Brachiosaurs in gentle coexistence
Triceratops quite less than fit
Evidenced by clues in her shit.
Stampeding Gallimimus forced them to take cover
Hammond’s two young grandchildren now caught in the adventure
At least for now, the dinosaurs
Were still caged in, but then: the monsoon

(jaunty music belying impending danger)

The shutting down of electric fields
By a bad dino embryo thief
Unrestrained almost every single breed
And brought down the gate holding T Rex

Though they suffered, at her jaws
While attempting to cower in cars
Our heroes somehow escaped from her claws
Combining bravery and stealth with hesitant crawls

Though unaware, not yet clear, and still on the defensive
They had to reset the power, and that shut down more fences
Velociraptors, stoically kept
Suddenly posed a real threat

The children, though trembling, hidden in the kitchen
Escaped the Velociraptors
And the group reunited
A helicopter rescued the bunch
As T Rex had Raptor lunch

Jurassic Park…
oh… should stay extinct