I’m Not Gay

Based on Slovenia 2017

Since people are unkind I tried to change their minds
by filming myself kissing some hot guy.
We did it for a song; we even used our tongues.
But everyone just got the message wrong.

I’m not gay, just watchin’ gay guys’ backs –
coz I say there’s nothin’ wrong with that.
So I made the choice to fight – fight for LGBT rights!
Why’s it make you so uptight?

But it’s so hard to tell if queer life’s truly hell.
I won’t learn that from anybody else.
How much you have to fake, how hard it is to take,
if it’s just like the porn… I need to know.

Yes, I’m straight, but lyin’ on my back –
my friend Raay is fillin’ up my crack.
What’s it feel like deep inside? This gives me a real insight.
What you go through every night…!

Gay? Me? Ne.

Me and Raay, we’ve come up with a plan
how to make the perfect pro-gay stand:
one gay marriage, two straight guys. Yes indeed, you heard that right!
We’ll support your solemn fight – wedding day and wedding night.
Two straight guys who do what’s right
for you gays.