Doping Offence

Based on Switzerland 2011

For way too long I’ve tried, the scoreboards got me riled
I could not reach the stars with the way that I write
So I’ve got to dope
Though no drug can give me a flair
I have identified one subtle way

Not drugging myself, I drug you kidnapped and locked in sealed rooms
The dosage should make you laugh right now if it was timed right
Thank you to nitrous oxide meticulously applied
This time I am going all the way

Ha hahaha hahaha… ha hahaha hahaha…
Ha hahaha hahahaha… ha hahahaha…
Ha hahaha hahaha… ha hahaha hahaha…
Hahaha hahaha hahaha…

“Paul, disqualify!” I knew there’d be objections
The protest doesn’t fly, the rules make no restrictions

Losers can keep on brooding, there are no WADA rulings
None that matter in the ALC

True, there are no rules against this, ha!
Though the abduction part may… be kinda wrong, no-oh-ho-ha-ha-hah…
Technically I’m right, I know
Who says the entries must abide by the law?

Allow me a moment to just fantasize