Based on France 2011

Welcome to my playroom
Do not falter, please come nearer
And it looks like you remember me
Your fave choirboy, yes, it’s me

Welcome to the mem’ries
Every Sunday, at your service
Hiding shyly underneath your habit
Hear you whisper: “Little rabbit”

Sir, do you still like teeth?
Anew I get down on my knees
You used to scream “Victoria!!!”
And your shouts of glee,
while you made me pee
still cling in my ears, welcome, it’s me.

Now you’re screaming, now you scream again
While euphoria turns to pain
Milk teeth turned into fangs
Now their bites burn like an orang’s
Pulping madly a banana fruit
Now on Snapchat watch the beast

Watch the hustler unman a priest!