Personal problem

Based on Albania 2012

Gordian knot, can’t undo this action now
Dizzy spells and vertigo, oh
How?… whoa-oh-oh, uh-oh
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh
Friends outside can never know

After all, this is so extreme
I sway, such pain, it can’t be undone
Honestly I never thought
That this action would be so fraught
Just slipping away to pee
But now alas in actuality
I’m one of those men, who was premature
When faced with the task of zipping

Foreskin in the fly….. fly….. fly……
Touch the blood, summon all my strength, try not to scream
To the front, I can see it bleed, can’t stand the pain

**carefully tries to pull down the zip again**

Scene to horrify…. Cry!… Why!
Should have checked, taken care, tucked it away safely
Was uncut, but now plain to see, damaged my peen