Calling All Politicians

Based on Australia 2016

You’re mired in timeworn postures
Fake concern with endless summits
Declarations feigning actions

No, our flight was never our choice

Dear leaders, you don’t care one bit

But we keep walking, walking
Keep walking on

All your words, though loud, they amount to silence
Can’t you feel for the lives of migrants?
Don’t you hear all the cries of migrants?

We were forced to flee in the wake of violence
So we grieve as we walk in silence
Now we beat on your walls of silence

Xenophobic fears so bemuse us
Take your jobs?! Is that your first thought?

Greater woes have our attention

No one here to save me drowning

Dear leaders, where’s your decency?

And we keep walking, walking
Keep walking on

Are your heads aware of the plight of migrants?
How we bleed at the whims of tyrants
How we shriek from the whips of tyrants

Do you think our fate’s some obscene connivance?
Or our pain but a mere contrivance?
No. We beat on your walls of silence

I know that truth comes to die in your mouths

Let this truth nourish your hearts
We too are human, like you
Help us
Help me


Does your heart not weep for the souls of migrants?
Do you fear some influx of migrants?

Or the cracks in your walls of silence?

‘Cause the sea still heaves with the weight of migrants
And it bleeds with the lives of migrants

And I died to your sound of silence