Based on Spain 1962

 [three very dramatic and annoyed backing singers are complaining – off-stage]

(Come what may, we’d have slayed)

Spared from the drama and bother
I sing alone, though it’s strenuous
But much more (aww) of a palaver
When they hired you!

(La, lalalala, la, lalalala, la, lalalala, la)

(Hey! What did he say? I’ve got the best voice anyway)

Drama gays, drama gays in chorus
Drama gays can’t join me, as the stage rules don’t allow it
(nah nah nah nah)
Meant to complement me, though
More a demeanour of moody old divas

(Who are you calling old?)

Drama gays (wow!) didn’t read the rules, yes (how!)
Far too busy whinging and complaining to have bothered
Drama gays (wahh wahh) like backseat drivers (wahh wahh)
And I have to stand here and listen to you vent

Drama gays, nothing seems to please you
Seen so many tantrums on who gets to sing
Drama may help in other places
But I’m still the lead here, and you’re stuck in the wings

(La, lalalala, lalalala lalalala)
(Girl, you went too far)
(Who’d you think you are?)
(On your own you’ll come last)
(Haha haha-haha!)

Drama gays, ease up on your screeching
My chance’s abysmal, no points and disgrace
Drama gays, seethe and gnash your teeth so
But I’m still the lead here, so smile and shut your face

(bah, bah! bah, bah! bah!)

Drama gays inglorious
Cease your hissy fits and drama ways!