Based on Iceland 2006

Oh, yum.


Hey! What?!
Where am I now?
I’m floatin’ up through

A tunnel of light.

What’s that to the right?
A crowd who knows me! Oooh!

Granny Reynheiður!
Hiya Hafbersi!
Grand-aunt Íris Dögg! Sweet!
There’s Vestliði. And Uncle Finn!

But what is that you’re saying??


Well. Congratulations: you have just died!

Some time in the night when the munchies took flight.

You inhaled some skyr that had gone off to-day

Two-oh-nine in the morning, but at ten past two.


Oh boo-hoo.


This place: it’s the bee’s knees. We do what we please.


Wanna write a song? Stare all day at porn?

That’s really up to you.

Yes, we endlessly frolic merrily

Though we’re d-e-a-d.

The universe has games to play!

When shall we reincarnate?


Oh abominations! This is not right!

I’m Silvia. *I* had not finished my life.

But to give up feels like some weird cosmic joke

I will hunt down the bastard who said I must croak


{Deity-search scene}


(Much exacerbation, rude gesticulation) Oh…

(Her investigation with determination)

(No procrastination or prevarication)

(Such anticipation for resuscitation) Whoa… oh…


{Finds door marked “The Boss”}


(Knock, knock, knock)

Hello, is that God?


I ate stale skyr after a drug binge.

Why did I die?

{Inaudible response}

You’re saying it’s part of a plan!?!??

Screw you! Fífl!

{Boss sings:}

Much prognostication! I must decide

On Silvia’s plight. She’s annoying as Hell.

Share another minute… No! Here’s what to do…

Close then open your peepers but when I say boo: Boo!


{Silvia wakes up in bed}


Oh! Congratulations, I am alive!

Much dreaming all night, but I’m feeling revived.

Will I write a song or peruse Hotties? Drool.

But never do stale food… Yes, that’s my new rule.

Or drugs too!