Piano Part

Based on Finland 2017

A sweet and plaintive melody
But will it help me win? No.
Dark, brooding Nordic poetry
Which, elsewhere’s kinda in vogue

We started inauspiciously
You may not be impressed now
But we’ve been hiding an ace or two up our sleeves
So, what could it be?
Just wait and see

What we’ve crafted here stands on its own
Twenty-six seconds of gold
Gems rivalling those in Sierra Leone
And you’ll blow your load

You snooze through atmospheric chords
My words won’t rend your heart, but
In just a tick you’ll be creaming your fucking shorts
It’s about to start
Piano part
Piano part

*Frantic fingering*

*A thousand fan orgasms*

*Pruzze smiles*

Who cares if you think this bit’s bad?
You’re already roped in now
Just hit rewind, block out everything other than
Our piano part
Piano part
Piano part