Left Neglected

Based on Love Injected, Latvia 2015

Two arms, two legs, burdensome to handle
I reach one each, one will merely dangle
Brain, please, recuperate
Half of me seized, I carry dead weight

“All right” is how I feel
Hide-and-seek with my own limbs is a peeve

Mind of an explorer steps onto the border
Probes prison cell walls
They sway, I am nonplussed
Regenerate when I lose focus

All right, I feel I’m whole
Yet I know bits of me are uncontrolled

There is a treat next to me that I haven’t detected
It’s in a parallel world, and I cannot inspect it
Half of the range unobserved I am underprotected
Left neglected, left neglected

All Right could be my name
But I find this half-assed game rather lame
All right, enough’s enough
Go your way to read some fluff in a huff

(Never mind me)
(Never mind me)
(Never mind me)
(Never mind me)
(Never mind me)
(Never mind me)

(You’re left? You left? Can’t tell)