Based on Russia 2017

(Video down below)

Cynicism is alive and kicking
Dressed up as a brave and blameless victim
A muppet for the masses, a puppet in a point-scoring show

This is more than musical malfeasance
Orchestrated travesty of credence
An agitprop distraction, a calculated feint before a blow

George Orwell was right when it comes to deceiving
It doesn’t take much to get proles to believe in the lies, no

Sweetness and light? Dynamite
When in the hands of one who feigns unworldly
Though worldly-wise
Struck by the sight they’ll laud her fight
Kept in the dark and never learning
She’s not for turning

Never mind us annexing Crimea
Plying all those separatists with millions
Of guns and bombs and missiles. Who downed MH17? Dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cos they picked a fight with a saint in a wheelchair
A PR disaster more monstrous than three hundred lives

Innocent-eyed, truth’s denied
Not for the first time, poor Ukraine’s discerning
That wrong is right
Try as they might, they’ll lose the fight
And hear the sound of tables turning

You’ve scored an own goal – we’ve won
You had no chance though, under our thumb, which is where you were from the word go

Crushed by our might, they’ve shown we’re right
Now that the propaganda game is working
They’ve lost the fight
The world outside has bought the lie
And all the while Ukraine is burning
Ukraine is burning
Ukraine is burning \o/