Our Secret Is Out

Based on Nei eða Já, Iceland 1992

Never-ending pleasure we have found
Though it’s one we try to keep hidden

It’s a little weird
Oh but please understand
That it’s got us totally smitten

Early in most afternoons
We dash to Skagaströnd so that we can…

Sing about clouds! Louder than loud
Always they fill our life with wonder

Look as they soar above:
Elegant cirrus cloud overhead!

Spotters of cloud: Yes, it’s allowed!
Call it a kind of merry madness
For it’s our view that clouds are Nature’s Poetry

I have seen that man
who’s lusting after us

And I think he’s spotted us singing

Want to know what he texted us?
Pictures showing his Morning Glory!

No, it’s a cloud. Wow-er than wow:
Boy, it’s so big, and long, and tube-shaped!

Go on follow this link
‘Cause we would never lie or hoodwink

Yes it’s profound. And it astounds
But it’s the best roll-cloud formation

Oh what a joy it brings to those with eyes to see

So we’ll accept it now that our…
Secret is out

Anyway, here’s something we can declare:

Our favourite…

Our favourite cloud, without a doubt
Although it’s quite a long tongue twister

It’s Altocumulus lenticularis: wanna know why?

Higher than high, kinda sci-fi
It gives us thrills of satisfaction
Come on and share our cloud ecstasy–

Say it aloud: “We’re out and proud!”
Tell the whole world “woo-hoo, it’s cloudy!”
For in the troposphere, you will find new-born clouds everywhere

Even at night! Oh what a sight!
This type is called the noctilucent

So, you see, there’s a cloud for everyone

There’s a cloud for me and you

Find your cloud and you can be like us…

Like us…

Lovers of clouds!