Narcoleptic Chief Investigator

Based on Italy 2016

At the very start of her police career
Her colleagues proved to be fairly sceptical
Saying no, she’d never make a good police detective
They pointed to the fundamentals of her diagnosed condition
Through pride and intense determination, she overcame her doubters
Passed her class with flying colours, worked her way up in the forces
And now whenever there’s a murder, the first thing they do is call the

Narcoleptic chief investigator
Even when she’s deep within her slumber
Knowing that no matter what the hour, she’ll deploy
Searching for clues when at the crime scene, and interviewing suspects for a motive
She’s the narcoleptic chief investigator

Up against a slipp’ry evil perpetrator
With all evidence she found leading her nowhere
She stayed at the office endless nights, her mind replayed the clues to the murders
She drained cappuccinos
But then going over the case file, late in the day she had a breakthrough

Wanting to receive fast confirmation
She rushed over to the docks location
Without any time to wait for back-up
Crouching low
With the killer in her crosshairs
As he passed her by, she starts snoring

(Narcoleptic chief investigator)

Even though asleep, her resting body
Tripped up the perpetrator, stopped him moving

And she put the handcuffs on while dozing, read him his rights sleeptalking
Safe in knowledge he was captured, used his body as her pillow