Super Pussy

Based on Israel 1985

*That way? Right!*

Downtown Bangkok – Red Light District, looking for a little fun
There are ladyboys aplenty, but I know just what I want
Looking for a recreation of the famous ping pong scene
Priscilla, Queen of the desert – suddenly hear someone scream:

“Super Pussy, got all that you want
Gifted and talented vagina!
Super Pussy, how ’bout some ping pong?
Just one of the things Super Pussy can do”

I stroll in, sit at a table – easy prey for three kathoey
Slither round me, touchy feely – that’s not why I’m here at all!
But I have to wait a minute, Super Pussy’s still on stage
She is busy blowing candles, on top of a birthday cake

Super Pussy, my, she is well trained
Blows through a straw out her vagina
Super Pussy, no danger of strains
Three candles one blow, look at that pussy go!

Finally it seems it’s my turn, get a seat right near the stage
Then I get a ping pong paddle, suddenly feel my mood change

Super Pussy, she gets on her back
Spreads her legs, there it is: vagina!
Super Pussy, feel a bit off-track
Never been this close to a pussy before

Super Pussy, starts shooting balls now
Launched at great speed from her vagina
Super Pussy, at first I’m too slow
Then I get the hang, start hitting with a bang

(Laughs out loud while getting a rather nice return rate) Hahahaha! Hahahahaha…
Super Pussy, balls everywhere now
Kathoey start to flee – laugh so hard, need to pee

Still…not like Priscilla!
(SO not like Priscilla!)