The Fantastic Katinkas

Based on The Netherlands 1962

First up, the spooky magical stylings of unscrupulous sibling prestidigitators,
the spellbinding Huug Kok and Theo Rekkers.

If you’ve never seen them, we suggest you hold on to your hats (…and your wallets).

We’re the masters of the flimflam
Bringing you Katinka mayhem
He’s Rekkers, and I am Kok
Fleecing every sheeple flock
Magic shows provide fronts for our con.
We perform, steal all their purses, then we are long gone.

And if you fink on Katinkas,
Then we will find you at home,
Sneak up and switch all the lights off,
Use our wands to bash in your dome.
We’re the Fantastic Katinkas.
Famous magicians are we.
An’ should you report us for thieving,
We’ll come strangle you in your sleep.

When performing and the light flicks,
We begin Katinka rope tricks.
First we tie them to the stool,
Then we rob a wealthy fool.
From the back, we carry out some doves,
Slip folks’ rings off, all while waving round our magic gloves.

We, the Fantastic Katinkas,
As all the crowd starts to cheer,
Sneakily reach for your wallet.
We’ll keep it as a souvenir.
Famous magicians, Katinkas,
Our tricks are all without flaw.
In case you should try to detain us,
We’ll cut you in half with a saw.

We’re the Fantastic Katinkas.
Wait ‘til you see our routine.
Magic has grown even bolder –
We’ve stolen a dog from the Queen.
Oh, you have seen the Katinkas?
Are you now wise to our tricks?
Perhaps you should check out our new act –
We’re teaching ourselves hypnosis.

La la, la la la, la la la
La la, la la la, la la la
La la, la la la, la la la
La la, la la la, la la la
It’s simpler to steal while you sleep…