Broad Daylight

Based on Poland 2017 (live)

Mister mall guard, would you help me, hun
My little girl was with me, now she’s gone
Looked all over, she’s out of sight
Wears red shoes, a green blouse, three years old

Was getting my frizzy perm
A detox, foot massage, was much too firm
So I asked her to wait outside
Shouldn’t get lost in this mall

Find her
Use the speakers, remind her
Can you be blinder?
Put down your grindr
You incapable clown

I now recall I saw suspicious guys
With evil-looking Middle Eastern eyes
And maybe this is where the problem lies

Maybe she just went to grab a bite
At the food court, giving me a fright
Satisfying her appetite

I’ll be broken if she’s not found
Snub my friends until she’s safe and sound
And you’re just sitting down? A disgrace
So rise if you value your job

Find her!
Sniff the traces behind her
She’s still a minor
Should have confined her
Means you’re held to account

How could you live with yourself if she dies?
She might be halfway to the Western Isles
Or somewhere dirty and unwesternised

Vanished like that girl from the Algarve
Sold as sex slave, or be left to starve
Quick, free parking here ends at five

Please help
You’re so slow