Based on Warrior, Georgia 2015

It’s been coming
For seven books long and still

No sign of snow
In King’s Landing
Think Cersei’s nipples agree

Up north
People freeze
Zombie army spreads out

But the cold comes
Way too slow now
Seasons are fucked up, you see


Down in Westeros
Summers last nine years
You wait for winter way too long
Men are bored

And so

Down in Westeros
Kings die all the time
All in most cruel and painful ways

Got a favorite?
Don’t get too attached now
They’ll see the Red God too soon

Just like Jon Snow
(spoiler alert!)
You think R + L equals J?

Dragging out
Every single detail
We’re still waiting
For the winter
Feels like time is standing still

So please
Give us Westeros
Covered all in white
We have been waiting for too long
Can’t take more!

Come on
Cokewhite Westeros!
George RR Martin
You have been stretching it too long

Ow, and
Besides Westeros
Question on my mind
Will it be winter somewhere else?
Like Meereen?

Of non-Westeros
Will we ever see
The dragons cross the Narrow Sea?

One thing:
Please give Westeros
The king it deserves
(You know I’m talking ’bout the Imp)
Or yóu’ll die!