One and One and One is Three

Based on I Agapi Akoma Zi, Cyprus 1983

Trying hard to make a pleasant
Conversation over dinner
It’s no use we’ve hit a roadblock
Seems divorce is getting nearer

Even though we love each other
We both know this can’t go on
Is there still something to try out
What say you to this idea

One and one and one is three
Could this work, hmm possibly
How exciting would it be
To have more than you and me

I agree it may sound weird
To the others but not to us
One and one and one is three
Is what will make our life less dreary

How exciting was the dinner
With an extra person with us
Now for the next step in our life
To experience a threesome

Is it odd that at this moment
She seems busy at the sink
Maybe she misunderstood that
She’s to do more than care give

To resolve this quandary
Have to do it subtly
Tell her that her higher rate
Involves us all in the sack

One and one and one is three
Dear care giver do you see that
We have brought you here mainly
To explore what some say is kinky

Leave the dishes in the sink
But leave on the rubber gloves
We both like it a bit rough
Now please hit us on our bum